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Published June 7, 2021

This Is My Story

This is a space where you can talk about your recent news and updates. It’s a great way to show potential donors that you’re still an active nonprofit. Keep your audience up to date on what you’ve been up to. Show them that their donations are making a difference. Are you planning an event? Post about it! Do you want to introduce a new volunteer? This is a great space to do that.

You can use this space to write interesting articles as well. Writing articles is a fun way to attract new donors to the site. Share your knowledge with your audience and gain some followers along the way. This is another great way to show potential donors that your nonprofit is an active part of your community.

Document Your Growth

You can make these posts all on your own, right through your website. Dreamrz puts the power in your hands, with simple How To videos to help you get started. You can make your articles as creative as you’d like. Add photos, link to other websites, insert videos, and much more. Post news and articles regularly and watch your nonprofit grow.

More News & Articles

Check out our blog to find the latest news and notifications about our organization. You can also view interesting articles that were published by our amazing volunteers.