Why The World Needs More Monthly Donors

Published June 6, 2021

A Warm Intro…

Hi Everybody. My name’s Kurt, and I’m the founder of the Dreamrz nonprofit website building program. I’ve developed this entire program in an effort to help nonprofits get the funds that they need to actually change the world.

A Cold Truth…

Let’s face it. A simple search of the web will show you that nonprofits are being forced to make do with insufficient funds. Nonprofits have the extremely difficult task of trying to stand out from a crowd of over a million others across the US. To make it even more difficult, most donors only make one-time donations. Although these donations are helpful, they seem to be a temporary fix to an ongoing problem.

The Solution…

If more people made monthly donations instead of one-time handouts, these nonprofits could to have a much more dependable source of income. They could plan greater events, larger missions, and more meaningful projects, and they could do this with confidence knowing that they have monthly donations coming in.

Be a part of the change. Become a monthly donor and supply a nonprofit with a dependable source of income. This website allows you to donate any amount you’d like on a recurring monthly basis. Your donation will be automatically submitted every month and will allow you to cancel your plan at any time. Please consider being a part of this great movement to support local causes. You can make a difference, even if you don’t have time to volunteer. Please, help us change the world.

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